Mark Maker Blog #1

Posted: December 26, 2012 in Viking novel
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(C) 2012 Amundr

A book is not written by a novelist. It takes verve and conviction and a certain positioning in the social grid. A book is written by a circumstance. So why am I here? First of all let me set you straight. There is no Mark maker. No . None at all. And he certainly isn’t me. I’m the kind of guy who languishes on a chaise lounge with a cigarette in a tapered holder and turned up cuffs on my trousers. Too Oscar Wilde? Ok, ok. You know its not easy keeping up with the trends. I am an old fashioned guy. How about, “I’m the guy with a bowie knife in my belt and a copy of ‘Deciphering Hieroglypics for Dummies’ in my shirt pocket?” What do you mean I still have it wrong? Who do you want me to be, then? An Arabian Prince? A Maori warrior? A French Legionnaire? A gladiator whose streak of pure, unadulterated luck is about to run out? Make up your mind! I haven’t got all day. That buzzing sound coming from the computer -some idiot on Yahoo is messaging her- is gonna wake her up. So I haven’t got long- Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeesssssse HURRY! I need to know…NOW! Remember Rule #1: There is no Mark Maker. Don’t forget..Damn! Too late! The Kraken wakes…


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