Mark Maker # 5

Posted: January 1, 2013 in Viking novel
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(C)) 2013 Amundr

Dried fish, oatmeal and now warmed snow melt makes up the bulk of our diet. I have made myself a crutch to hobble around on. Valdr’s wound is an angry red and I fear he is now developing a fever. He moans in his sleep and cannot hold much food down. I tend him best I can but it is not enough.

A week further has gone since my darling was taken from me and stil I can do nothing. I tried walking in the snow with a crutch. It’s impossible. I just keep falling over. I can only hope that someone from the village will arrive soon and I can borrow their horse. I was not able to bury Shimla, my beautiful dog until  yesterday and then only in a shallow grave scraped into the snow. She might have pulled me on a sled far enough to get help but now there’s nothing I can do but wait and hope the salted fish lasts until help arrives…

Two nights have passed and a blizzard has kept me from even opening the door. This morning, I shovelled snow from the entrance and gazed out over the enclosure in front of our hut. There was a fox’s prints in the snow with some spots of blood from a rabbit he must have caught. Perhaps the smell of Shimla’s body has attracted him. The thought of fresh meat for Valdr spurned me on to crawling over to where Shimla is buried and scraping a hole in the ground beside her. Inside it I have fastened long, sharp sticks, covered the top with thin sticks woven into a lattice with a cloth over that enough to stop the snow weighing it down into the hole. The fresh snow will soon make it look like the surrounding area. If the fox comes back, I hope he won’t notice. As soon as I tend and feed Valdr, I have taken to sitting near the door to listen for the fox though he is more likely to come tonight.

The moon shines on the tops of the bluish pines which shelter us when the wind blows up from the bay. I am watching a rabbit hop under the pines to a spot where it scatches for frozen sages and moss. I was stupid not to set a trap for it but its where villagers might step if they come and I can’t risk that. Tomorrow I will search out its burrow. It must be somewhere under the pines. Though I watched and listened most of the night, the fox didn’t come.


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