Australia Today

Posted: January 29, 2017 in Australia Today

What we need to do better: Reflections on Australia Day.
If you watched the Australia Day awards for extraordinary people last night, individuals in this country are amazing. Its the Government that has it wrong. Due to their decisions about old age pensions and War Service pensions, I offer the following advice: Never enlist to serve your country in time of war and expect respect for your sacrifice because it will abandon you in your twilight years and take away your Service Pension. Don’t get married if you want a relationship because if your combined assets are over $800,000 when you are 67, you won’t get a pension. Ditto don’t save money for your retirement, or not obviously, maybe better to put it in an offshore account or in gold.
Spend like mad, leave your job, stay on the dole all your life or become a bankrupt and then you’ll get the full pension at 67. In fact, don’t bother getting a Tertiary education at all and, for goodness sake, don’t become a member of the middle class in this country because your taxes are paying for the rich and the poor at the same time and your income is ensuring you have to continue to pay for everything even after you are no longer able to work.
Ok, so you think that your money is safe in your $600,000 + home, well when do you think the Government will change that law and count the family home as well? I guess sometime soon just like they have created uncertainty in everything else we thought was safe. My final word of advice: Create a multinational new technology company like Apple or Google and base it in the 10% company tax haven of Singapore and you’ll be paying less tax than the middle class in Australia. Happy Australia Day to all!


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