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Notes from ‘Rivendale’ #25

Posted: April 24, 2019 in Ducks
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Update on ducks: 5 hatched in the incubator and are doing well in the brooder. My other sitting duck hatched 10 ducklings currently in a cage in the paddock. I moved her at night to avoid being attacked. Female ducks with ducklings can be super aggressive. For a small bird they are mighty fearless when protecting their young. So far, they are all doing well and are happy enough. I am happy they can’t escape. When they are a bit older, I’ll put all 15 together with the mother in a larger pen. Happy days!


Notes from ‘Rivendale’ # 24

Posted: April 8, 2019 in Ducks

Consider this scenario: Female duck has made a nest in a tyre in the duck yard. The holes in the duck house wire are large enough to allow baby ducklings through. I observed a hawk, probably a hawk or a falcon near the chickens/ poultry this morning. So what do you do? Obviously they can’t be let hatch and then escape to certain death. So I spent about two hours putting a finer netting around the area and a fence and a roof of wire. So what does the duck do? She keeps escaping!!!

Finally after dark, I attempt one last time to put her back in. She will not go! So, I have to rescue the duck eggs and put them in the incubator. So annoying! 2 are infertile and most of the rest aren’t looking too good on candling. At least two out of 6 are alive. They are in the incubator now. I do have another duck sitting on eggs in the duck house. I could kind of hedge her in and just give her any of the ducklings hatched from the incubator. Well, that is the plan.

Going on holidays soon for 4 days. Hope they don’t hatch too soon. More work for my son and worry for me!

Au revoir, mes amies.